Small Claims cases are filed in Wabash Superior Court. The maximum dollar amount for a small claims case is $6,000.00. The fee for filing is $97.00 for one (1) defendant. This includes service by certified mail. An additional $28.00 fee is assessed for service by sheriff. This fee is for filing against one defendant only, it is $10.00 for each additional defendant. This is for paper filings only.

Small Claim cases that are e-filed are $87.00 regardless of the number of defendants. There is an additional $28.00 fee if service by sheriff is requested.

Questions on small claims can be directed to Deputy Clerks:

Kim -- 260-563-0661, ext 1231
Lora -- 260-563-0661, ext 1239
Jane -- 260-563-0661, ext 1233