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Wabash County Election Board will be conducting 3 Republican primaries on May the 7th. We only have opposition on the Republican Ballots. There are Democrat candidates but they are all unopposed. The towns of Lagro and Roann do not have any opposed candidates and will not be having Elections. Elections will be held for the City of Wabash and Towns of North Manchester and LaFontaine. Below is a list of the Candidates who filed for office.

Below are the candidates who have filed. Remember there are only 3 Republican primaries!

City of Wabash Repulican Democrat (NO PRIMARY)
Mayor Scott A None
Wabash City Clerk-Treasurer None Wendy Frazier
Wabash City Judge Timothy A Roberts None
Wabash City Council at large
  (Vote for 2)
John S. Burnsworth
Bryan Dillon
Dan Townsend
Wabash City Council District 1 Mitch Figert None
Wabash City Council District 2 David W. Monroe
Eric E. Schoening
Wabash City Council District 3 Terry Brewer Jr
Sheryll J. Ulshafer
Wabash City Council District 4 Susan Bonfitto None
Wabash City Council District 5 Doug Adams
Jonathan "Jon" Bouse
Town of LaFontaine Republican Democrat (NO PRIMARY)
Town Clerk-Treasurer Diana Heath None
Town Council Member
  (Vote for 3)
Lori A. Brane
Jay L. Gillespie
Mike Holderman
E. John Krhin III
Indie Piercy
Jeremy Waite
Town of North Manchester Republican Democrat (NO PRIMARY)
Town Clerk-Treasurer Carrie Mugford None
Town Council District 1 Laura Rager None
Town Council District 2 James W. (Jim) Smith
Anthony "Tony" Delaughter
Town Council District 3 Tom Dale None
Town Council District 4 None Allen Miracle
Town Council District 5 Chalmer "Toby" Tobias III None

Candidates that have filed for areas not having an election because there are no contested races

Town of Lagro Republican Democrat (NO PRIMARY)
Town Clerk-Treasurer Kristie Bone None
Town Council
  (Vote for 3)
James L. Curless Sr
Richard K. Monce
Jeff Shelton
Town of Roann Republican Democrat (NO PRIMARY)
Town Clerk Treasurer None Robert "Bob" Ferguson
Town Council
  (Vote for 3)
Richard K. Morris
Jerry Nelson
James Pell